Welcome to the Fabled Hare Store!

I currently offer a variety of hand-made jewelry as well as photography, ceramics, some sewn items and other mediums as well as custom order pieces. Several of these items are being carried in Vijaya's Store on 577 Main Street Cobleskill, NY. You can also acquire any pieces you see in this section by contacting me directly. If you have any special requests or questions regarding any of the items you see through-out this website please contact me via e-mail with the details.


You can now find my photography, drawings and illustrations at my Cafe Press Store, a site that allows me to upload my artwork and print on various cool products, like home decor items, apparel, posters prints and more!

Go to CafePress.com/DeniseKeltyArt

Follow my art on facebook.com/fabledhare

Note about the Jewelry: Component Properties are listed for some of the mixed gem pieces. My information source comes from "The Essential Crystal Handbook" by Simon and Sue Lily. My descriptions only give a tiny fraction about the stone's qualities. If you're interested in that sort of thing you just might find that these pieces can contribute more than just beauty to your life!

Feel free to explore the rest of this website to view my art portfolio.

For more information or requests you may contact me via e-mail at: denise@fabledhare.com Also visit my about/contacts section for more contact information.